The OrangeFS Project has had many contributors over the years, from funding agencies to companies and individuals.  The research and development has helped forward the project but also helped improve storage technology for everyone.  We appreciate everyones contribution.

The History of the OrangeFS and PVFS project can be found at wikipedia:



Al Viro, Andrew Pochinsky, Bart Taylor, Becky Ligon, Boyd Wilson, Brad Settlemeyer, Brian Atkins, Dale Whitchurch, David Beilloin, David Bonnie, David Reynolds, Dharani Sankar Vijayakumar, Dennis Ting, Don Becker, Elaine Quarles, Emmanuel Florac, Frank Shorter, Garth Gibson, Greg Kroah-Hartman, James Burton, Jason Antosiak, Jeff Denton, Jiesheng Wu, Jim Fischer, Jiri Simsa, Joe Scott, John Jenkins, John Mehringer, Julian Martin Kunkel, Kamil Iskra, Kevin Harms, Jim Pedone, Kyle Schochenmaier, Linus Torvalds, Martin Brandenburg, Maureen Dohugherty, Michael Speth, Mike Marshall, Nathan Poznick, Nick Mills, Percy Tzelnic, Pete Wyckoff, Phil Carns, Philipp Sadleder, Randy Bryant, Randy Martin, Rob Latham, Rob Ross, Neill Miller, Sam Lang, Sam Sampson, Scott Atchley, Scott Roberts, Seung Woo Son, Shane Snyder, Sorin Fabish, Sumit Narayan, Sven Marnach, Swapnil Patil, Todd B. Stein, Tom Sterling, Walt Ligon, Will Jones, Yang Shauangyang

If we overlooked someone please let us know (it wasn't intentional).


Please contact us if you are interested in contributing to the project.