Current Projects

This is a dynamic list of projects recently conducted, currently underway and/or planned for the near future. Each project link describes the project, technical issues involved and progress. This is both a place for developers to share ideas and users to learn about developments to come and provide input. To suggest a project, post on the developer's list or email one of the developers.

LMDB as a metadata alternative

We have provided the option of LMDB for higher performing metadata operations.  It is in the Trunk and has shown significant performance improvement over BDB.  However, there is no way to upgrade from BDB to LMDB, so if you want to use LMDB, you must start a new file system on LMDB.

Cassandra as a metadata alternative

EMC has developed an integration to support Cassandra as a metadata store, which would provide redundancy prior to V3. Integration and performance testing still must be completed for this project.